Poothicote Family



    You are cordially invited to join me in an extraordinary journey through our family's history over the past 2,000 years. Our family has its origin in Kerala, Southern India, but within the past few decades its members are  propelled over the oceans and continents to all corners of earth. I am writing about our family from Chicago, 9,000 miles, and 34 years away from the place of my birth, living on the opposite side of the globe.

    As I write these lines, I revere the memories of my father Thomas, and grandfather Varkey, who instilled a pride in me about our ancient family from my childhood.  I could remember many of these things today because my mother, Kunjamma who had a great ability to remember dates and facts,  and she used to repeat these stories again and  again when I was a child. 

    Our family is indebted to Chavidiyil Koshy Kochitty Kuruvila, who about 100 years ago, recorded many things about the Poothicote family and kept it for the progeny. We are also grateful to Payikandathil George P. Cherian who collected the data on our present family members. 

    This is primarily written for my children living in USA, but I hope it will be useful to others also.

    Making a web site for the family is only the beginning and it is an ongoing process. Additions and corrections will be required as members contribute more details. So please write to me, your comments, suggestions, and corrections.

Roy P. Thomas, MD.           June 2004

Chicago, USA

          Email-   thiruvella@aol.com